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2015 - 2016 : STUDYNET VN

2013 - 2015 : OURTALK ONLINE INC.
Online English Teacher – Phone Class (to Koreans)

2010 - 2013 : ADVANCE ENGLISH HUB / LUSTEM, INC. [OXPHONE] Online English Teacher-Phone Class & Video Class (to Koreans)

2008 – 2009 : XEPESYS INC.
Online English Teacher – Phone Class (to Koreans)
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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi! I am Teacher Chona. I have been teaching English since 2008.
Teaching English is my passion. It is the most rewarding job. I feel fulfilled whenever I see progress in my students in speaking, writing, listening and comprehension and all the skills that the subject includes. I understand that learning English language has never been easy so I make sure to give my students a fun-learning experience to motivate their progress.
As an instructor, I will guide you to achieving your goals and help you enhance the skills which are innate in you. It takes courage and enough patience for one to be thoroughly equipped and well-grounded.
I would really love to see you in one of my classes soon and have fun learning the English language. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Have a great day!

Nhận xét của học viên

Vu Nguyen Linh Kiet (13:35:44 28/05/2021): Dear teacher Chona,
Can you assign the homework for Kiet please, including referring to the listening exercise. Thanks
Đàm Khánh Chi (11:01:43 30/07/2020): Hello Teacher.
I'm Khanh Chi"s mother.
I want to know her learning situation pass time ?
Does she need to overcome?
I want the teacher to give her homework to prepare and and give homework for her to do more.
Many thanks!
Phung Ngoc Han (19:08:17 20/04/2020): hello
Phung Ngoc Han (19:44:59 06/04/2020): thank you
Ngô Ngọc Anh Thư (16:59:22 06/03/2020): The class with teacher Chona was very fun.
La Cong Chien (21:20:01 07/11/2019)

Please comment after each lesson. Thank you

La Cong Chien (22:06:03 14/10/2019): Mrs Chona is a good teacher
Le Khanh Minh (20:33:24 30/06/2019): Goodnight MS Chona!!!
Huỳnh Xuân Phương (17:28:45 09/05/2019): Meme review
Nguyen Khanh Chi (20:58:33 12/03/2019)

Thank you, Tutor Chona. You've helped me improve my English speaking skill very well.

Nguyen Khanh Chi (20:58:09 02/03/2019): I have to say that I liked the lessons with tutor Chona very much. She's so enthusiasm and friendly.
Nguyen Khanh Chi (20:28:13 09/02/2019): This lesson was really good. Congratulations, Mrs. Chona. You are an enthusiasm and friendly tutor to me. I will choose you to be my tutor every week days.
Phan Ha Chi (15:28:26 23/07/2017)

I have to say that teacher Chona is the most favorite teacher of my two kids (Chi and Linh). They love every English lesson with you. They turn on PC 30 minutes before the lesson begins, sitting in front of the PC screen and waiting for lesson beginnning :)

Phan Anh Tu (23:01:05 29/06/2017): Its a decent class. Chona is a very friendly teacher :)
Bui Khanh Vi (20:21:05 14/05/2017)

Really love to study with you, tutor Chona!~ It's fun!~ And pls keep voting for BTS, love u!~

nguyễn thành trung (19:51:45 30/10/2016)

I was interested when i was studying with you, teacher Chona.

Huỳnh Đăng Khoa (22:32:18 08/08/2016)

I am very pleased to meet you, teacher Chona. You are an excellent and kind teacher. You make me smarter and cleverer. Thank you for your kind help!!!

Tracy Nguyen (08:20:45 02/08/2016)

Thank you so much Ms Chona. I had a great time in our class. See you next time with the new book.

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