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A Professional Licensed English Teacher from the Philippines. I Have been teaching English to Junior High School Students for more than ten years now. I also have taught ESL Students online for 4 years now. I taught IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, Basic and Business English from beginner to advance level.
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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi there, this is Teacher Mitch . I am an Online English Teacher from the Philippines. I have been teaching English to ESL students for almost 4 years now. I had many great experiences in teaching English .I teach students with different ages from 7 years old to adults coming from different countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Spain, Russia and Ukraine. I also do IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, and OPIC reviews to some students who wish to get a remarkable grade in these type of tests. Aside from teaching Online, I’m also teaching English to Grade 10 students in a public school. In my class sessions, I use drills and exercises, audios and videos, spend free talking to intermediate and advance learners as tools for me in training and coaching my students. I ‘ve always believed that learning English as a second language is fun and enjoyable as long as there is willingness to learn. Enrolling with me is definitely a great way to start learning, and guiding you to learn more, that’s what I wish to do. Once again, this is Teacher Mitch and I hope to see you in my classes bye.

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Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo (22:28:11 19/05/2017): Buổi học đầu tiên không tệ như đã nghĩ!!!☺️
Lê Hải Yến (15:57:24 03/04/2017)

Teacher Michele is friendly and helpful.

Nguyễn Lâm Trường (21:35:34 02/05/2016): i am so happy to have you as my English teacher, Michele. Best regard to you and hope to meet you again and again for talking together.
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Theo nghiên cứu khoa học, 25 phút học 1 thầy - 1 trò là thời lượng lý tưởng cho việc học tiếng Anh mỗi ngày, giúp trí não tập trung cao độ và phát huy tối đa khả năng tiếp thu, ghi nhớ sâu