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International Voiced Online (IVO-LINE), Mandaluyong -
English Instructor Associate to Koreans in SPICUS, the VIP account, via phone and video software September 2007-May 2008

WINGLISH Inc., Ortigas -
English Instructor Associate to Koreans via phone and video software, May 2009-October 2010

English Tutor Phone Inc., Makati then Ortigas -
English Instructor Associate to Koreans via phone, January 2011- June 2012

Sankei Online English, Makati -
Homebased online English instructor to Japanese clients via Skype, March 2013-March 2014

STUDYNET, Vietnam -
Homebased online English instructor to purely Vietnamese clients via Skype. March 2013-November 2015
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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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A wave hello to you all! Teacher Che at your service. Nice to meet you! My former students who were Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, of all ages and in all levels, would usually define me as a teacher where they find their second home. I would like to believe that to be true because most of them would easily open up themselves to me surprisingly great at the first meeting. What I can give to you is what I know and what I can do as an English instructor for almost 11 years of expertise in catering different courses such as Conversational, Travel, Business, Job Interview, VISA interview and a list of Test Preparation that includes OPIC, TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS. Albert Einstein once quoted an absolute truth, “The true source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE.” Nothing beats experience as experience, at any rate, is the best teacher of all. Why don’t we put that to the test and come see me in my class?

Here's a glimpse of my former students' comments to my teaching methodology within a matter of two months. Simply click the link or copy and paste it. Thanks in advance for reading. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5cdVYLZVvTXcjhfdS1FWGtTLU0/view?usp=sharing

Nhận xét của học viên

Tran My Nhi (20:36:08 18/01/2017)

Thank you teacher. See you later, teacher Che.

Tran My Nhi (14:00:03 23/11/2016): I am verry happy!
Tran My Nhi (17:29:00 09/11/2016)

This class is verry funny!

Hoàng Tùng (17:14:51 08/09/2016): You,re the best teacher! I love you, Che!!!!! :">
Khánh Vy (Salyna) (19:35:09 28/07/2016): I have a lovely evening with teacher Che. :) I like teacher Che very much. ;)
Thanh Tú (19:34:19 21/07/2016): My leson is very interesting. Her teaching is appealing. I love her teaching because Che made me love English
Bảo Vy (22:41:42 05/07/2016)

Ms. Che is a good teacher! She's very friendly and cheerful. She teaches me whole-hearted. Her English is very excellent. I think that my speaking skill is bad, but she encourages me a lot. I want to say that I thank you so much! ^^ <3

Tô Minh Sơn (20:43:40 22/06/2016): you are my best teacher
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Theo nghiên cứu khoa học, 25 phút học 1 thầy - 1 trò là thời lượng lý tưởng cho việc học tiếng Anh mỗi ngày, giúp trí não tập trung cao độ và phát huy tối đa khả năng tiếp thu, ghi nhớ sâu