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The best e-learning platform

One-on-one teaching - Personalized learning roadmap for each student – No time wasted during class – No sharing with other students as in traditional group classes – Tutors will focus on your own weaknesses and help you improve your English skills on a continuous basis.

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You can actively manage your personal account (E-Learner), including all personal information, transaction history and schedule. You can also communicate with your tutors after class, monitor and evaluate your learning results via our system. You can select your own tutors and classes from 06:00 to 23:00. All you need to do is to click on the button “Set schedule”, get your textbook ready and wait for your tutor’s call within 30 minutes. You can learn everywhere at any time. Reservation for a whole month with your favorite tutor is also possible through our system. Cancellation can be made free of charge. Our flexible booking system creates favorable conditions for students to save time and money.

The E-Mess system will be sent to remind students 15 minutes before class.

You can keep track of your learning process through our E-Report system, which is daily updated.

The E-Test System identifies your English proficiency before taking the course and provides periodic tests throughout the learning process.

The E-Record system saves all your data from the first lesson to help tutors monitor and control the quality of teaching and learning.

The most dedicated and experienced teachers

ưu điểm 100% foreign teachers at HomeClass are certified with TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages), LET (licensure Examination for Teachers) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), etc. Teachers are carefully selected to suit different courses and students of different ages. Especially, they all have experiences in teaching online for Asian learners like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.

ưu điểm Not only equipped with specialized knowledge, our teachers are also very understanding. They always know how to motivate and encourage students to actively participate in lessons, interact with teachers and actively share their own thoughts. With kids, our teachers always try to inspire them to love English, help them feel comfortable and confident in each lesson. At HomeClass, English is not a subject but a communication tool to help students and teachers understand each other.

ưu điểm Also learning English as a second language at an early age, our foreign teachers truly understand the difficulties of studying a foreign language. Therefore, they know how to help students overcome those difficulties to gradually master the language. Thanks to them, students will soon feel that English is fun and easy

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The most updated materials

HomeClass only uses the most updated and reliable materials from well-known publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Pearson, etc. Based on learners’ English level and learning purpose, a personalized learning roadmap and curriculum will be prepared to help learners achieve their goals as soon as possible. Our curriculum ensures to maximize interaction between students and teachers and make the best use out of the one-on-one platform.
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The most caring learner support team

Not only our experienced and dedicated teachers but also our student support team will stay by your side and guide you throughout the learning process. Our support team will provide you with useful and spot-on advices: which material you should follow, how often you should take classes, etc. and answer all your questions to help you achieve your learning goals.
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Registration for Trial Class

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