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HomeClass.vn is the biggest website in Vietnam providing one-on-one English classes via Skype. We are proud to be a bridge between Vietnamese students and foreign teachers all over the world, bringing in a convenient web based learning environment to help students manage their schedules, save costs and keep track of their learning outcomes. Being technically created and run by dedicated and experienced start-up founders, HomeClass.vn is committed to providing highest professional standards and becoming a multi-media language environment for Vietnamese learners.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

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A Customized Individual Learning Roadmap

An individual learning roadmap, which is customized, based on your starting level and your final goal, will help you to achieve success faster. At HomeClass.vn, we always study your goals, help you to figure out your own roadmap, and support you the entire journey to success.
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An Interactive Communication Environment

Creating an interactive communication environment between learners and tutors, HomeClass.vn focuses on developing speaking and listening skills for students right from the start. The one-on-one English classes give students face to face interaction with foreign teachers and, therefore, make full use of their vocabulary in effective communication.
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Dedicated Learning Materials

The dedicated learning materials provide learners with various communication situations and real experiences, helping them learn English in the way that a kid learns their mother tongue.
HomeClass – Right from the start!

Our Teachers

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  • Our 100% foreign teachers are carefully recruited through multiple rounds based on the standard criteria of education.
  • All teachers have at least three years of experiences in teaching English as a second language, especially in the field of online teaching, for students from many different countries around the world.
  • After the selection round, all teachers have to attend several trainings to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of Vietnamese students, aiming to bring out the best teaching quality.
  • Our teachers are always highly appreciated for their dedication, friendliness and professionalism in teaching. They’re not only teachers but also close friends of their students.
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Learning method

Learning system

  • One-on-One class via Skype
  • Your own class
  • Your own teacher
  • Your own roadmap
  • Enjoy improvement after each lesson
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Lesson Format

All classes are conducted following the standard procedure of high quality English lessons.
Trial class
The trial class is aimed at helping students to become familiar with the learning methodology at HomeClass and also serving as the placement test to assess their current English proficiency. Based on the test results, we recommend the most appropriate learning roadmap, courses and materials to help students reach their goals faster.
Regular class
Regular classes are designed with enough knowledge that learners are able to fully absorb within 25 minutes which includes reviewing previous lessons, practicing new knowledge and applying them in various situations. After each lesson, tutors always help students summarize the knowledge and update reports which are saved in our E-report system of student’s learning account on the website.

Progress assessment

During each course, students will regularly take progress tests and final tests, which are integrated into the students’ accounts at Homeclass website to see how they have progressed during their learning journey.
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