For ages 6-12, children can participate in the following courses:

General English for Kids (grade 1 to grade 5)

This course aims to help kids build basic vocabulary and grammar as well as to teach them how to use English effectively in daily communication.

Preparation for the Cambridge Test

This course helps kids prepare for the Cambridge Tests with 3 different levels (Starters, Movers and Flyers).

English for fun

If your kids don’t want to follow any specific textbook, then this course is the right choice. Our numerous topics are always updated to match their interests and abilities.

Progress assessment

Feedback from teachers after every lesson and periodic evaluation tests will help parents keep track of their children’s progress.

Why should you choose HomeClass for your kids?

100% foreign teachers

Our experienced and dedicated tutors will spare no effort to inspire your kids and help them become more confident in using English as their mother tongue.

Dedicated Materials

Our curriculum is compiled from well-known publications with vivid lessons suitable for online teaching. Your kids therefore can acquire and apply knowledge in the most effective way.

Interactive communication environment

HomeClass gives your little ones a frequent communication environment with foreign teachers at home, helps them constantly expand vocabulary and enhances language reflexes. Thanks to our one-on-one platform, online English classes also help children become more confident and active.

Sample lesson

Available courses



Preparation for the IELTS Speaking Test


English for Communication


Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of level KID 1

  • Your kids can use more than 300 vocabulary words and 50 daily expressions effectively.
  • Your kids can greet, introduce themselves, describe things and activities, telling about favorite food, express their feelings and participate in simple conversations.
  • Your kids are well prepared for the Cambridge Starters Test.

Upon completion of level KID 2

  • Your kids are more confident in communicating with foreigners thanks to the balanced development of four language skills. Your kids can discuss on a wide range of topics: hobbies, habits, schools, families and friends.
  • Your kids become familiar with basic grammar and able to express themselves in full sentences.
  • Your kids are well prepared for the Cambridge Movers Test.

Upon completion of Level KID 3

  • Your kids can pronounce words correctly and gradually speak English in a natural way.
  • Your kids can talk about their experience, report things happening in the past, tell their plans for future and give suggestions to their friends.
  • Your kids can read and comprehend 200 – 300 word passages of familiar topics.
  • Your kids are well prepared for the Cambridge Flyers Test.

Feedback from learners

Previously, listening was actually my obstacle in learning English. It was very difficult for me to get highest scores in listening at school. After a short time of learning English at, I am now becoming confident in all four language skills. I don’t hesitate in speaking English anymore and successfully get highest score in listening skill.

Cao Thien Nhan, 4th Grade Student, Đoan Thi Điem Primary School, Hanoi

After a short time of learning English at, my son has witnessed his impressive progress in all four language skills. He is very active in using the language. We find this online model very convenient for busy parents like us. We do wish HomeClass to further develop this platform for our kids learning.

Đang Thuyet, Mother of Cao Thien Nhan, My Đinh, Ha Noi

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