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Khóa học Free Talk

Why should you choose this course?

  • You don’t need to follow or stick to any curriculum. You feel free to express your views in lively conversations with foreign private tutors at HomeClass.
  • Each lesson is a practical experience which helps you answer the question "how can I make foreigners understand me?” After each lesson, you will step closer to the goal of conquering the English language.
  • You can choose different topics for each lesson from our library. The lesson would be more interesting when it comes to your favorite topics.

Learning roadmap

The Free Talk Course at HomeClass is designed in a very flexible way to meet various needs of students. HomeClass provides you with the ideal interactive environment to help you practice and enhance your communication skills in English.

Our Free talk course is your best choice if you want to expand your vocabulary, use English efficiently, reinforce your language skills, improve your pronunciation and be able to speak naturally like a native speaker, or if you just simply want to practice English frequently.

What makes you worried?

  • Your poor English skills make you feel unconfident to take interviews at foreign companies
  • Your bad pronunciation causes misunderstanding between you and your partners
  • You feel lost in meetings and workshops with foreign partners
  • You have no chance for promotion at work due to your lack of English communication skills
  • You are always a bystander in foreign missions
  • You are too busy to improve your English skills
  • You have tried different English centers but there is no improvement.

What are your goals?

  • Speak English naturally and confidently
  • Practice English with foreign teachers on a regular basis
  • Study English at home or anywhere you want
  • Focus on what you need for your work
  • Your own classes and your own teachers without any distraction during class time
  • Intensive English courses for job interviews or overseas business trips

Let’s explore our online English courses at HomeClass!

HomeClass.vn is one of the most prestigious online English learning websites with 100% foreign teachers in Vietnam. All classes are conducted via Skype in the platform of one teacher - one learner.

We are proud to form a bridge between Vietnamese students and foreign teachers around the world. We create an effective learning environment as well as apply modern technology to help students easily manage their timetables, save money and quickly achieve their goals.

Sample lesson

Available Courses

English for Kids

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English for IELTS Preparation

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English for Business

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Upon completion of the Free Talk Course – Elementary level

You will be able to discuss various topics in life such as family, school, work, weather, etc .. Your communication skills in English will improve significantly.

Upon completion of the Free Talk Course – Intermediate level

You will be able to discuss and defend your ideas about wider and more serious topics such as work, education, culture, economy, society etc. You can also express your opinions more spontaneously and naturally.

Upon completion of the Free Talk Course – Advanced level

You will be able to make presentations and criticize about intensive fields. You can understand and use English idioms and metaphors in daily conversations. You are also able to express your thoughts like a native speaker. Your pronunciation and reflexes are significantly improved.

Feedback from Learners

"I have a hectic schedule so it was great to find out HomeClass. It suits my schedule perfectly. Only 25 minutes per day but the outcomes are much more than expected. After completing some courses at HomeClass, discussing with my boss about various issues at work can no longer worry me."

Trần Thanh Binh, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

"I found HomeClass when I was about to take an interview at a foreign company. I was not quite confident since I didn’t have many opportunities to communicate with foreigners. Luckily, HomeClass’s tutors helped me pass the interview successfully"

Tran Quy Kien, Officer, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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