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CUỘC THI KỂ CHUYỆN TIẾNG ANH HÀNG TUẦN: Tuần 3: 08/03 – 15/03/2019

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CUỘC THI KỂ CHUYỆN TIẾNG ANH HÀNG TUẦN: Tuần 3: 08/03 – 15/03/2019


Để khuyến khích các học viên tại HomeClass tích cực hơn trong việc trau dồi kỹ năng nói tiếng Anh, HomeClass tổ chức các Cuộc thi Kể chuyện tiếng Anh hàng tuần. Hàng tuần sẽ có 2 câu chuyện ngắn bằng tiếng Anh được lựa chọn để các học viên tại HomeClass thử sức. Các bạn hãy quay lại clip kể chuyện bằng tiếng Anh của mình và gưi về địa chỉ support@homeclass.vn. Một bài dự thi xuất sắc nhất mỗi tuần sẽ được lựa chọn để trao tặng phần thưởng trị giá 5 buổi học tại HomeClass. Các bạn hãy cùng thử sức nhé!







One fine day, two cats, Browny and Blacky, were walking together in search of food.  Suddenly they saw a loaf of bread lying on the road. Both of them wanted to eat the bread. They started shouting at each other:


-  “Just leave this piece of bread for me. I am dying. Let me eat this bread!”


-  “So what? Even I have not eaten anything. I will eat this bread!”


A monkey was watching this fight from the beginning. He said:


- “Friends! Why are you fighting?”


Browny said:


- “Look, I am very hungry and we have found this bread.”


- “Am I not hungry? I didn’t know that you are so selfish my friend.” – said Blacky.


The monkey said:


- “Wait, both of you are foolish. Why don’t you break this piece of bread into two? Half for you, and half for you.”


Both the cats starter thinking. But who will do it? They only have paws and claws. The monkey said:


- “Let me help you. Just give me the bread and I will break it into two.”


The cats agreed. The monkey split the bread into two. But one piece was bigger than the other.


- “Don’t worry. I will take a bite to make them equal.” said the monkey.


But he took a bigger bite, and now the other piece was bigger. And again, he ate a part of the other piece. But the two pieces were still unequal.


The monkey continued to bite the pieces, while the cats watched their bread getting smaller and smaller till it was all gone.


- “Oops! I am sorry. I guess it is impossible to split the bread equally,” the monkey said, before he climbed up a tall tree. The cats knew that the monkey cheated on them, but it’s too late.








There was a boy who always woke up late. He would wake up at noon during the holidays. The boy’s parents were tired of telling him the importance of waking up early in the morning.


One day, his mother decided to teach him a lesson. Before going to the bed, the son asked,


- “What are we going to have for breakfast tomorrow, mom?”


- “We will have lunch for breakfast,” replied the mother.


The boy did not understand the reply but did not ask its meaning either. He went to bed. He woke up at noon the next day, had his breakfast and asked his mother:


- “Mom, what will we have for lunch?”


- “We will have dinner for lunch,” answered the mom.


In the evening, the son asked, “What will we have for dinner?”


- “There is no dinner. You had dinner for lunch. Now there is no time for dinner,” replied the mother.


- “But I don’t understand… Why are we not having anything at the right time?” asked the perplexed son.


- “Because you never got up at the right time! If you have lunch as your breakfast, then it is only correct to have dinner for lunch. It means you get no food for dinner.”


The boy understood his mother’s intention and realized his mistake. He said sorry to his mother, and he never woke up late again.










1.  Đối tượng: tất cả học viên của Homeclass, không giới hạn độ tuổi

    Subjects: all HomeClass’s students, with no age limit


2.  Thời gian: từ thứ Sáu ngày 08/03/2019 đến hết thứ Sáu ngày 15/03/2019

    Time: from Friday March 08th 2019 to Friday March 15th 2019


3.  Nội dung thi: Lựa chọn 1 trong 2 câu chuyện bằng tiếng Anh do HomeClass đăng hàng tuần để kể lại bằng giọng của mình

    Content: Select and retell one of the two the provided stories by your own voice


4.  Hạn nộp: thứ Sáu ngày 15/03/2019

    Deadline: Friday, March 15th 2019


5.  Yêu cầu:

- Bài kể chuyện cần được ghi lại theo dạng video.

- Không có sự can thiệp của người ngoài trong quá trình kể.

- Không nhất thiết phải kể chính xác từng từ theo văn bản chuyện mẫu (người kể có thể linh hoạt giản lược hoặc thay thế từ vựng).

- Người kể có thể nhìn hoặc đọc trên giấy khi kể.



- The Storytelling must be recorded in video format.

- No assistance from other people is allowed in the process of storytelling.

- The use of alternative words and paraphrasing in the process of storytelling is accepted.

- The storyteller can look at the text while telling the story.


6. Giải thưởng: 5 buổi học miễn phí từ Homeclass cho thí sinh có bài dự thi xuất sắc nhất hàng tuần được lựa chọn bởi HomeClass

    Awards: 5 free lessons from Homeclass for the best performance each week, selected by HomeClass


7. Địa chỉ nhận bài: gửi video dự thi về địa chỉ email: support@homeclass.vn, với tiêu đề email theo cú pháp: Bài dự thi kể chuyện_Tuần 3_<địa chỉ email đăng ký tại HomeClass>

    How to join: send your video recording to the email address:   support@homeclass.vn, with email entitled: Bài dự thi kể chuyện_Tuần 3_<email registered at  HomeClass>




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