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Passionate and innovative in delivering English lessons with 9 years of progressive teaching
across a broad range of students of different nationalities. Proven ability to help General English
students improve their English communications skills.

Areas of expertise include:

□DME & Callan Method -UK
□Business English


1. Steemit Network Inc.
Content Writer and Curator
March 2017- present

Job Description:

- Publish and curate wide varieties of contents for the Web from travel articles, reviews to cryptocurrency, etc.
- Blockchain Enthusiast, Tasteem Influencer and Steemit Delegator.

2. DMM Eikaiwa Japan
Homebased Online English Teacher
April 2014 – August 2018

Job Description:

-Provide General English lessons to some Asians (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese) and
Europeans (Brazilian, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish)
-Students are from Beginner to Advanced level.

3. Hong Kong Shawn Technology - Limited (ABC360)
Homebased Online English Teacher
June 10, 2016 –June30, 2018

Job Description:

-Provide General English classes to Chinese nationals from Beginner to Advanced
level students.

4. English Bell Online Japan
Online English Teacher
August 2010 – April 2014

Job Description:

- Provide Business English, General English, CNN, Easy English for Kids and Methodical Lessons (Direct Method for English and Callan – UK Method) online to Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean nationals.

5. Yeon Telecommunication Venture, Philippines
Call Center Agent
July 14, 2009-April 16, 2010)

Job Description:

-Responsible in doing marketing and sending proposals to the clients, like doing email blasting and lead generation.
-Outbound calls experience such as surveys and appointment settings.


Advanced TESOL Certificate (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
San Diego, California under Intenexus Company
Completed 120 hours by TESOL Training International
February 1, 2019

Southwestern University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Urgello St., Cebu City, Philippines
School Year: 2004- 2008

Chương trình
- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
Giới thiệu về bản thân
Hello, this is Rosemarie, your online partner in learning English. I've been an ESL-Instructor (TESOL Certified) for 8 years now teaching English from kids to adults to some Asians(Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai) and some Europeans (Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese) to name a few.

I am a very adventurous and out-of-the-box person. Traveling, meeting people from different backgrounds, experiencing new things and sharing my knowledge is my definition of happiness.

I love being a content writer and passionate about doing volunteer works, helping people as this enriches my soul can give inspiration that makes me become a better person.

My strategy in teaching is about making my lessons fun and creative but also practical to help learners become more fluent. I look forward to meeting you soon. I want you to be one of my successful students. Happy learning! :)

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Khánh Vy (Salyna) (16:03:27 23/07/2019)

Thanks a lot for your lessons and your advices. I'll try my best!

Khánh Vy (Salyna) (21:26:13 21/07/2019)

I love your lessons and the way you build up the class. Thanks a lot Ms Rosy.

Vũ Thùy Giang (14:36:17 14/05/2019)

Great lesson! I enjoy to learn with tutor Rosemarie! She is very enthusiastic!

Tran Thi Ha (12:29:52 08/05/2019): hihi.chỉ học cô này. thấy rất hài lòng!!!
Tran Thi Ha (12:29:03 08/05/2019): cô rất nhiệt tình chỉ bảo. cô còn rất vui tính và nhẹ nhàng. rất thích cô này!!!!!!
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