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I've been teaching English online for 10 years already.
I had training in TOEIC , Business English and IELTS.
I Have taught different nationalities across Asia.
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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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My name is Johannes Eran. I'm from Cebu Philippines. I've been teaching English online for almost 10 years now. I specialize Business English, Conversational English, TOEIC, IELTS speaking and Kids Class. I've taught different nationalities around Asia like Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese. Meeting different nationalities is really interesting because it widen my views and educate me more about the uniqueness of different cultures and beliefs. In this job I dont only teach but I also learn a lot from my students. In my class I make sure that students are comfortable in expressing their views and opinions.
I'm hoping to be part of your team..

Nhận xét của học viên

Do Quynh Trang (17:02:00 23/08/2018): thank you
Ha Thi Loan (16:45:28 19/07/2018)

Good, She's very funny and teach me carefully!

Vo Pham Khanh Vy (08:53:07 08/07/2018): Let's continue our topic today! :@@
Vo Pham Khanh Vy (08:50:49 08/07/2018)

Johann is the best teacher ever so every other students come here and try booking a class with her. I'm sure that you would love to book another class, you can have a free talking class too! ( It's really fun ) But don't book too many classes 'cause Johann won't have any class for me. ;P

Vo Pham Khanh Vy (21:10:38 29/06/2018): Thank you very much for today. I feel more confident now! :)))
Vo Pham Khanh Vy (20:58:30 01/06/2018)

Teacher Johann, thanks a lot for today! I feel better anyway. Hope to see you soon! <3

Vo Pham Khanh Vy (08:36:57 30/04/2018): Thank you so much! ='') I love you miss Johann. <3 I love your class too!
Vo Pham Khanh Vy (20:45:02 14/04/2018)

Thank you so much ! I very love your lesson, teacher Johann!

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