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Teaching English online to Koreans and Chinese for 7 years
Teaching in an International school in the Philippines for almost 4 years
Experience taking IELTS in Academic category for school application in Canada
Has certification in TESOL
Licensed Teacher in the Philippines

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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi, I'm Brendalyn but everyone calls me Brenda. I am currently residing in Metro Manila, in the Philippines. I came from a family of five. I have my parents my older brother and a younger sister. I am married for five years.
I have finished two majors. My first major is Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am also a licensed nutritionist-dietitian by profession. My second major is education in which I finished taking my units in the University of the Philippines. I have achieved and registered as a professional teacher in my country.
I took IELTS in Academic Category as I have planned to study in Canada. I have achieved higher than expected band score of Canada's requirements.
I also took a certification in TESOL to be more reliable and eligible English teacher to second language learners.
Before I became a school teacher, I used to teach English online to Korean and Chinese student for 7 years.
At this moment, I am currently working as a lower school teacher in an international school in the Philippines. I am teaching Social Studies, Writing, Reading and Comprehension. I must say that working with kids will really test your patience.
I am very glad to have an opportunity to apply and hopefully be a teacher in your institution. I am also hoping I can teach, encourage and motivate while having fun with the students in Homeclass.

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Vũ Quốc Hoàn (16:40:45 10/04/2018): Dear Ms. Brenda,
I like your teaching method very much. I hope you will always help me finish these lesson.
Thank you very much!
Nguyen Khanh Linh (22:03:09 13/02/2018): I find the Teacher is very lovely and conscientious.
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