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ESL Online Educator
Weblio | Japan

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Acadsoc | China

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51Talk | China

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Bibo | Tokyo, Japan

ESL Online Educator
Hanaso | Tokyo, Japan

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Globish Academia | Bangkok, Thailand

English Teacher
Actions Language | Taipei, Taiwan

Online English Professor
TOPICA | Hanoi, Vietnam

ESL Teacher
Sankei English Online | Tokyo, Japan

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Solaren Renewable Energy | Central Luzon, Philippines
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Solaren Renewable Energy | Central Luzon, Philippines
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Pinkblush Merchandising
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Mary Kay Philippines
St. Scholastica’s College of Health and Sciences
BS in Nursing | Tacloban, Philippines

Sacred Heart School
High School | Tacloban, Philippines

Leyte State College
Elementary | Tacloban, Philippines

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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi, I am Teacher Sky.
I have been teaching English to different nationalities around Asia, Europe, and South America.
Most of my students were Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Turkish, Chinese and Brazilians.
My students range from 3 to 68 years of age, from Entry to Advance students.
I will help you improve your English skills through teaching you correct pronunciation.
I will introduce more vocabulary words that you could use in your daily conversations.
I will also encourage you to speak more and be confident in using the language.
If you take my class, you will feel relaxed and will have fun learning English.
Do not be scared of making mistakes, I will be there beside you and to guide you.
Making mistakes is where we learn and where we become better.

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Van (23:34:42 18/03/2017)

Co Sky nhiet tinh va vui ve. giong co chuan va phat am to ro

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