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United States
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* 8 years of ESL Experience
* Specialized on IELTS , TOEFL , OPIC and TOIEC
* TESOL Certified Tutor
* Majored in Nursing and Business Communications
* Can speak basic Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese
* Specialized in Conversational English , Job and Visa Interview.
* Music Teacher and English Trainer in Asia.
Chương trình
- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Good Day! I am Teacher Jonny but you can call me Jon. I grew up speaking English as my first language because my family resides in New York City. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree on a prestigious University in Asia and received a lot of Awards on my English Classes like Best in English, Declaimer of the Year and English Broadcaster of the year, and i would love to share everything that i have learned with you. I specialize on teaching IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.

I am teaching Students from Beginner to Advance and people of all ages. I am a Happy, Friendly and most importantly a professional teacher. I love to travel as well, I've been to several islands in the Philippines like Davao, Cebu, Boracay and Palawan.

I have been teaching English for 5 years now both on a company and online and I have taught students from Filipinos, Koreans, Indonesians, Japanese and Chinese students.I am always included as one of the Top teacher in my company for having the most number of students and highly recommended as well .

I always believe that "The journey of a million miles, begins with a single step" So keep on dreaming! I am not only your teacher but i am also a friend. I will make it sure that on our classes, you will not only learn and be the best on speaking the English Language but we will also have lots of fun and happiness.

See you in Class!

Nhận xét của học viên

Phạm Văn Khải (11:03:47 20/06/2021)

Jon is very great teacher. He usually spends time for free conversations with students to make them comfortable. I'm interested in his teaching method. Moreover his jocose manner and funny reactions were suitable for each students. That's why he is "on the cutting edge of" teaching method (-.-)

Phan Thanh Tuấn (12:14:53 10/06/2021): Singing makes me feel encouraged - and you taught me just like that
Phan Thanh Tuấn (21:06:08 08/06/2021): Love to see you again, Mr.Jon! It's such a great opportunity for me to practise talking and singing with you.
Đoàn Thế Công (20:17:01 27/05/2021)

Hello everyone, this is Zack. My class with teacher Jon is very fun and useful because we have a lot of free conversation about american teenage topic.

Nguyen Minh Tri (11:02:32 21/05/2021)

today i have a very exciting class with teacher Jon, i learn a lot of new words from him . :)

Nguyen Minh Tri (19:41:36 06/01/2021)

i have a very funny class with teacher jon. teacher jon teaches me a lot about english,:)

Nguyễn Minh Hiền (11:59:04 31/12/2020): Once again I would like to thank Jon, you helped me with everything and I got my Visa. Come to Jon's class because Jon is all you need ❤️❤️❤️ Happy new year
Hoàng Nhật Nam (20:38:25 29/10/2020): teacher jon is the best teacher in the world , he is very handsome and friendly. From alex (nam) with love =)))))
Đỗ Tùng Lâm (21:57:25 29/09/2020): Jon is a wonderful teacher, i learned from him an array of things, and now i can connect my mind with my voice easily thanks to jon.
Lê Phúc Anh (10:33:52 26/04/2020)

Teacher Jon always makes the class happy and fun :D

Nguyen Quoc Bao (20:34:53 13/04/2020)

learning with teacher jon always gives me a lot of funs : )

Nguyen Quoc Bao (20:59:33 10/04/2020)

today I have a very fun class again with teacher jon and i very happy

Phạm Thanh Quang (10:32:36 02/04/2020)

My lesson with teacher Jon is very funny because he is good teacher.

Nguyen Minh Tri (19:31:59 25/03/2020)

learning with teacher jon is always funny and i want to have more classes with teacher Jon

Nguyen Minh Tri (11:35:17 23/03/2020)

Learning with teacher Jon is very funny but I want the Internet better so we can have more funny lessons.

Nguyen Minh Tri (09:48:47 18/03/2020)

The classes with teacher Jon always make me excited and happy and I can learn how to talk with other people in English more.

Nguyen Minh Tri (10:45:36 16/03/2020)

My classes with teacher Jon are very funny and happy and I feel I can talk with other people in English easyly now

Nguyen Hai Anh (13:34:19 15/03/2020): I had a fun class with teacher Jon.
Nguyen Hai Anh (22:31:19 14/03/2020): I had a fun class.
Phạm Văn Khải (12:05:59 12/03/2020): nice teacher
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