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Hello Everyone:

Unfortunately, I am no longer teaching with Homeclass! I have accepted a better paying position with a company that treats their teachers better than Homeclass does!

I wish you all the best of luck with your English!

Take care!!
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- English for communication
- Office English
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To ALL student, past & present:

It has been a pleasure teaching you all! Unfortunately, due to some conflicts with Homeclass, I am no longer with them!

I wish you all the best of luck!!


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Võ Đăng Duy (15:09:42 15/03/2018): There are many things in my mind that i want to talk about. But I still can't express well enough. I will keep practicing.
Võ Đăng Duy (17:13:19 08/03/2018)

I really like to be corrected in every sentence I say.

Võ Đăng Duy (15:39:14 02/03/2018)

Tutor Robert teaches really hard. He doesn't need to take a break between 2 lessons.

Võ Đăng Duy (14:37:26 01/03/2018): Good teacher for a good lesson today.
nguyễn hòa (20:30:37 20/09/2017)

Robert is a very good teacher. 5 stars rating.

Nguyễn Đức Hoàng (12:20:59 14/05/2017): I'm sorry because I do not remember the password nick skype
Dinh Thi Ha Linh (09:21:25 08/05/2017): Mr.Robert is really an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. He smiles a lot that makes me more comfortable and confident when speaking English. He also encourages me to talk freely about topics. He doesn't mind the time period of 25 minutes and he keeps on teaching until the lesson is finished.
Cao Thiện Nhân (20:59:00 12/04/2017): This Robert's lesson is my first lesson I study with him but it is very great.
Lê Hải Yến (13:30:16 31/03/2017)

It sounds interesting. Teacher Robert encouraged me to speak and sometimes corected my mistakes. He gave clearly explaination and helped me to express my thoughts out. At the end of the class, he reviewed and asked me whether I had any question eventhought the time was going over.

Huynh Dung (10:04:44 23/03/2017): It's really cool. I learn many things from Robert. Many idiomatic expressions which is helpful for my IELTS preparation. Teacher helps me to express the answer in detail. Accordingly, I can expand the idea which is really good to maximize the IELTS mark.

Teacher is friendly and lets me comfortable with those lessons provided to me. I am happy to learn with Robert every day when I call it a day or when I'm free.

I wish you always happy.
Quang (09:57:22 23/03/2017): Hi teacher Robert. It's nice to have a lesson with you. You are so great with interesting stories:)
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