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United Kingdom
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I have a degree in English Language and Linguistics and also hold a TEFL certificate.

I have had experience tutoring 1:1 with Chinese and Jordanian students while I was at university and for the last month I have also been tutoring Korean students 1:1 online.
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- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi, I’m Duncan, I’m 24 years old and I come from England.
I studied English Language and Linguistics at the University of the West of England and have also recently completed a TEFL qualification.
During my time at university I tutored Chinese and Jordanian students one on one and also have experience teaching young children in Cambodia from my time travelling.
I have worked in a busy office environment for HSBC bank and in marketing roles for events, so I know all about communicating in the workplace.
My approach to teaching is to build lessons around students and their needs. It is also very important to me that students enjoy classes so I will always aim to keep things fun and interesting.
Outside of language teaching I have a wide range of interests including music, sports, reading and travel. I am always looking to learn about new things and increase my knowledge of the world around me.
I look forward to speaking with you soon, in the meantime take care.

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Pham Hoang Thuy Linh (20:58:34 14/09/2017)

It's really good.thank you, teacher Duncan!

Hoang Vu Thanh Lam (21:36:37 11/04/2017)

I have to pay twice but it's worth ! Studying with you helps me to improve my speaking skills. Thanks for your lessons, teacher Duncan!

Võ Phạm Khánh Vy (Isabel) (20:50:30 06/02/2017)

His class was very funny! Thank you very much teacher Duncan. :)

Nguyễn Đức Hoàng (22:05:27 03/01/2017): Teacher Duncan is the best teacher
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