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2014-2016 Home-based Online ESL instructor (July 2014-May 2016)

2014 Summer Part-time ESL Teacher (June 2014)
Waku-Work Japan Office Based, Cebu City

2014 Part-time English Teacher (February- May 2014)
Hanoi English Center, Vietnam
2013-2014 English Teacher (February 2013- February 2014)
Ocean International Language Center, Vietnam

2009-2012 Homebased Online English Instructor (July 2009-December 2012)
Studynet Vietnam

2005-2009 English as Second Language Instructor (April 06, 2005- July 2009)
Special Class Teacher (Premiere Class)
Cebu Pacific International Language Services
M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines

2004-2005 Front Desk Officer (August 2004-March 2005)
Hotel Camila, General Luna St., Dipolog City

2003-2004 Encoder of www.krosover.com (virtual news magazine)
October- August 2004
Chương trình
- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi! This is Teacher Abby. I would like to describe myself as a versatile and dynamic teacher. I can be friendly and I can be strict. Well, it really depends on what kind of students I have and what kind of teaching style works for a particular student. I've been teaching English to various Asians, from Koreans, Japanese, a few Chinese and a lot of Vietnamese. I've also worked in VN for more than a year. I've been teaching English for 12 years now and I think my long experience has given me an edge to deal with students from different levels and ages. I've handled students from 3 years old until 67 years old. I love English and I continue to improve my skills through watching movies, reading books and communicating to various people and I hope my students do the same as well.

Nhận xét của học viên

Tran My Nhi (13:28:46 13/06/2017)

It's so great. I could understand everything you said. Thanks for your class, teacher Abby. I'm so happy now.

Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh (19:04:22 06/06/2017): The lesson is very interesting . Mrs Abby is very gentle and I understand . I love her !
Nguyen Hoang Cong (20:33:15 02/04/2017)

Thank you so much, teacher Abby.

Nguyen Anh Hong (20:16:58 15/03/2017): please comment quickly as soon as possible
Phạm Thị Thanh Huyền (17:16:02 07/03/2017): ok. I like Abby. Thank you so much.
Trương Thanh Thuỷ (09:01:26 06/03/2017)

I really enjoyed the lesson, thank you so much, teacher Abby. I will try more :))

Tưởng Phi Vân (12:59:31 21/02/2017): Thank you, Ms. Abby. I like your voice. It is easy for me to understand. You are very friendly and open. You look so nice.
thuc minh (15:33:00 17/02/2017): Please find the method to help her speaking out her ideas and improve skill of communication.
Trần Mai Như Ngọc (10:21:31 12/01/2017)

Thanks teacher Abby for your enthusiasm. You touch to my daughter's heart really. Hope she will improve her English under your guidance.

Nguyen Hoang Anh Thu (19:44:41 24/12/2016)

Thank you, teacher, merry Christmas to you and your family, teacher Abby.

Tran My Nhi (17:28:11 09/11/2016)

I relally like these classes

Nguyễn Xuân Minh (09:51:51 15/08/2016)

I am Xuan Minh's mother. Thank you very much for your comments, teacher Abby. I would propose you to assign some homework in the workbook after each lesson. Also, please ask him to write a short essay or just a paragraph related to the lessons, for example, writing about his last vacation. As a boy, Minh will always feel very free to do what he is asked (by you) to do. Thank you very much for your each lesson with my son.

Nguyen Van Minh Duy (10:51:48 04/08/2016)

Thank you, teacher Abby. I will try harder in studying.

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Theo nghiên cứu khoa học, 25 phút học 1 thầy - 1 trò là thời lượng lý tưởng cho việc học tiếng Anh mỗi ngày, giúp trí não tập trung cao độ và phát huy tối đa khả năng tiếp thu, ghi nhớ sâu