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1. Online English Tutor
Engoo Online English
2019- present
Teach English online to different students across different ages, gender and culture
Students coming from Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Thailand, Brazil and Korea

2. Private Tutor
2020- present
Teach business English, conversational English and English for Kids materials to my students in Japan and Taiwan

3. Key Accounts Executive
Dranix Distributors Inc.
January 2017-September 2018
Negotiate business with different store owners, supervisors and managers
Make sure that correct Volume, Distribution, Pricing, Shelving and Merchandising (VDPSM) for products is properly applied across different accounts
Lead a team of coordinator and merchandisers
Brainstorm and make my own local promotions if needed to boost product sales

4. Administrative Staff
Provincial Government of Bohol
June 2016- January 2017
Make letters, endorsements, recommendations for clients
Record minutes of meetings
Data entry and documents safekeeping
Chương trình
- English for communication
- Office English
- English for kids
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Hi, my name is Lucille and I'm from Calbayog City, Philippines.
I finished a degree in Psychology and I am a Psychometrician by profession.
Right now, I'm an online English tutor and a TESOL Certified one.
I teach English to students in different levels, from beginner up to advance.
I experience teaching students as young as 3 years old, and as old as 81 years old.
I teach grammar, pronunciation, business English, TOEIC and IELTS Speaking Tests Practice and even just free talking classes.

I'm an adventurous type of person and I like learning new things.
I'm very friendly and I love meeting new people.
I'm approachable and people see me as a happy go lucky type of person.
Making friends is one of my best skills. I can easily adapt to new situations.

My teaching style differs in every student but one thing is the same, I always give my 100% in every class I conduct. I always make sure to build good relationship with my students for him/her to come back in my class again.

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Dương Thu Giang (12:36:04 26/05/2021)

studying with teacher Lucille is so funny. Love teacher so much

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